The Mace


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The Mace


The trench mace is a melee weapon that can be used in the game. You probably have seen it in a trailer or some Battlefield 1 concept art. This gruesome gore delivering weapon will be a great pleasure to many FPS gamers out there. Battlefield 1 is not the only game to feature trench warfare.

The FPS game Verdun also did a great job in giving the player deadly trench warfare (Click here for official site). Battlefield however, we only have had a small taste of the Beta that was available on all platforms. And we have yet the experience the mace in all its glory when the full game will be released. So far the game looks to be more then promising. And we cannot wait to experience the blood rushing thrill of playing as a soldier in ww1. Blinded by adrenaline, charging the enemy with the mace in corps filled trenches.

The history

Image illustrates a club. Similar to the mace.

In ww1, that begin on 28th of July 1914 and ended on 11th of November 1918. Melee club weapons were not unheard of. Specially the allies made use of these weapons. The one that strikes out the most is the mace. An iron nail filled wooden club. Other clubs should be mentioned also for their deadliness and effectiveness. But the mace sticks out for its particular gruesome medieval look.
The medieval looking mace was made behind allied lines by the troops themselves. But would also be issued by the army itself. The goal of the mace was to kill enemy’s in trenches, silent, noiseless and gorey.



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