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Unlike previous Battlefield games. Battlefield 1 has eight new classes which every FPS gamer will enjoy. For example, the cavalry class raises high interests in the Game. A lot of the classes are giving the game new dimensions which is very interesting to play with. Each class has its own unique abilities, weapons, and equipment. However, weapons and gadgets are shared between all classes. Each class has their own weapons, based on the Battlefield 1 fraction’s.

Below you will find every class and the unique features, which is different for every class you play with in this game.



If you love blowing up vehicles and engaging in close combat, then the Assault class is definitely your favorite class to play with. When you hear or see a tank coming at you, you will have 2 options: run, or turn around and fight. If you love playing the Assault class, then you probable prefer the second option. In order to actually be able to win a fight with a tank or any other moving object in Battlefield 1, the Assault class has some fun explosive gadgets to his disposal. It is not surprising to say that this the primary anti-vehicle class. Besides al the explosives, the Assault class can use SMG’s and automatic rifles for other close combat fights.





We all know that Good Guy Greg, running around the battlefield healing teammates, fixing tanks and other vehicles. Those are the kind of people who choose the Medic class. You know, the kind of person who has your back in a fight. The Medic class is not solely about healing teammates and fixing vehicles, they can also hold their own in a mid-range fight with multiple semi-automatic rifles to their disposal.






This class is not anything new for all our long distance specialists. Taking out the enemy from a long distance while lying down nice and cozy behind a rock or on a hill. But this class is not only about killing your opponents from a long distance. You are also contributing to the team by spotting enemies, and firing the flare gun, which places nearby enemies on the mini-map. Of course you can choose out of a variety of powerful sniper rifles when starting the game.




Battlefield-1-class-supportIf you really want to stop the enemy in their tracks, you can best choose the Support class. The Support class offers continues fire to not only take out the enemy, but also giving your teammates the chance to progress towards the enemy team. The weapon arsenal of the support players consist of light machine guns for short and middle range. They often have a very high fire-rate which can make it hard for other classes to deal with them. They have a variety of gadgets from giving more ammo to your teammates, to gadgets that will help to protect a certain position.





When you choose the tanker class to play the game, you will be deployed inside the tanker. You can spawn into a Mark V, FT7 or an A7V tank. You will have an amazing firepower but you are driving a big slow tank. You will be the one that is in control of the vehicle, but allies can jump in and use multiple guns on the tanker to give you even more firepower. Working together with your teammates is the best course of action while playing this class.




The pilot class is especially made for biplanes, you will be spawned directly inside the plane ready for action. Every biplane has a front-facing machine-gun and bombs. There is also an option for a second player to control a linked machine-gun in the secondary seat. Allowing him to shoot down other planes which might come at you from the sides or back. Just like the tanker class, cooperation with teammates is crucial to be successful in taking down enemy planes and staying alive.





The cavalry class is one of the new and most special classes that Battlefield 1 introduced. When starting the game you will be spawned on a horse (obviously). This is also one of the most difficult classes to play due to the fact that your main weapon is a saber sword. You do have a rifle as a secondary weapon but it is difficult to handle because the hors is not that stable. So you will be most successful using your saber sword but keep in mind that you are right handed. So the best way to cut down your enemy is getting them on your right side. Besides all this, the class is particular handy to drop ammo and medic kits in order to help you fellow teammates.





If you thought that life is fair and soldiers are equal towards one another, then I hate to disappoint you, they are not. Battlefield 1, in all unfairness, introduced the elite class. Stronger and better equipped with weapons than you, they will annihilate almost everything in their paths if you are not careful enough.

Flame Trooper – With flameproof gear and a strong flamethrower, he will set everything on fire in his path. But be aware to choose this class because it does has a weakness. You will be in the constant need of a gas mask, giving you a bad eye sight and making you slow. Obviously you will have to watch out for enemies using the scout class, they can easily take you out from a distance.

Sentry – This class might be a little bit harder to kill from a distance. The Sentry is covered in thick armor plates and is considered to be a walking tank. He walks around with a water cooled machine gun. This is a class which can create a lot of damage and can take a lot of damage at the same time. You might want to consider wearing your brown pants when being faced against the Sentry class. There is one downside of the Sentry class though, unlike the Flame trooper, the Sentry class does not have the capability to wear a gas mask. So there are certainly several ways to take this guy down.

Tank Hunter – While everyone is busy slaughtering each other in an epic battle field, the Tank Hunter is probably lying down somewhere on a safe distance. Looking through the scope of his precious 1918 Tankgewehr, an enormous weapon capable of taking out enemy vehicles. When lying down, this gun can take out caterpillar tracks, machine guns and canons on armored vehicles.

Arekkz Gaming shows you a little bit more of the gameplay of the Battlefield 1 elite classes in the video below:

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