4 New Battlefield 1 Maps!


It has been confirmed that there will be 4 more Battlefield 1 maps. The maps are called Ballroom Blitz, Argonne Forest, Fao Fortress and Suez. More information about the Battlefield 1 maps can be found below:




This map is all about the final offensives along the Meuse River in 1918, part of ‘The Hundred Days Offensive‘. Here, fierce fighting in trench lines is quickly replaced by the untouched beauty beyond hell. A massive French chateau, previously home to officers beyond the rear lines, is now the scene for a battle with both tanks and flamethrowers. The chandeliers are shaking from the barrage as the American forces push for the final railway hub at the edge of this map.



The Meuse attack was organized by Colonel George Marshall who became famous during the ‘Second World War and the ‘Cold War’. He managed to move American units to the front after the Battle of Saint-Mihiel.




The shadowy depths of the Argonne forest is the scene for some of the most brutal close quarter combat in Battlefield 1. The world inside this forest features devious defensive setups combined with a labyrinth of bunkers and machine gun nests. Camouflaged field guns firing at point blank range, Stormtroopers clearing out bunkers with gas, and the best use of sharpened spades will determine who owns the depths of this forest. Heroes are forged surviving the intensity of this infantry focused map.



The Argonne Forest was part o the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. The battle was fought from September 26, 1918 until the surrendering of the Germans on November 11, 1918. The Battle had a total of 47 days. The offensive was the largest in the history of the United States, involving 1.2 million American soldiers and was part of ‘The Hundred Days Offenive‘, which brought an end to the 1st World War. 28,000 German lives and 26,277 American lives were lost. The big losses on the side of the United States were mostly caused by the  inexperience of many troops and tactics used during the early phases of the operation.




Join one of the earliest amphibious landings of the Great War as the British Empire struggles to secure the oil on the Al-Faw Peninsula. The majestic Ottoman fortress of Fao guards the entrance and is not falling uncontested. Here you will fight through marshlands and dunes, over bridges and shallow coves. The assault finally enters the ancient fortress itself. The quest for oil begins here. The Dreadnought needs to feed.



The battle of the Fao Fortress only took 2 days and was successfully taken by the British troops. The victory resulted in the fact that the Ottomans did not have any control over the Persian Gulf anymore. Even though the British facilities were safe from this point on, the British felt that they had to take Bagdad as well.

The Fao Landing occurred on November 6, 1914. The British were immediately met with heavy fire from the fortress. The British troops could only progress with succes after the heavy artillery arrived on November 8. After the bombardment finished it only took the British 45 minutes to take the fortress. The Battle of Fao Fortress ended on November 8, 1914.




A struggle for the most vital supply line of World War I. Even though it was considered impossible, the Ottomans crossed the desert of Sinai and threatened the canal. Join the fight by the banks of the grand canal and make tactical use of the dunes. Fight through shallow defenses, with field guns or mortars, through the outskirts of Kantara and into the deep desert beyond.



The Raid on the Suez Canal, also known as Actions on the Suez Canal, took place between 26 January and 4 February 1915 after a German-led Ottoman Army force advanced from Southern Palestine to attack the British Empire-protected Suez Canal, before the beginning of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign of World War I.

Substantial Ottoman forces crossed the Sinai peninsula, but their attack failed mainly because of strongly held defences and alert defenders.


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