Battlefield 1 Vehicles – Which one is your favorite?


Ow yes! Lets talk about Battlefield 1 vehicles. What makes battlefield 1 a unique game are indeed the big maps loaded with action but lets not forget all the vehicles you can use. Battlefield 1 is set during the first world war and EA of course did a great job designing all the vehicles to fit in perfectly.

A fun fact is that EA did a great effort to make the use of vehicles really realistic. You can see players getting in and out from a vehicle like you would see in real life. But what really is making us excited is the fact that when the vehicle that you are operating is shot, that you actually notice this in the performance of the vehicle. When the wing of your biplane is under fire, your wing can break and the aerodynamics of the plane will change because of that.

See here the gameplay of different vehicles by PixelPlanet:



The landship


The Mark V Landship has room for 3 people, of which one is the driver and has the capability of a machine gun. On both sides of the vehicle there are 2 seats with a canon each. This is a big tank that performs well against infantry and other tanks, but that will require a full crew in your tank. The landship can acquire a decent speed but unfortunately can not match the speed of other vehicles.

Heavy tank


The biggest and most dangerous tank in Battlefield 1 is certainly the Heavy Tank. You can fit 6 people in the Battlefield 1 Heavy Tank. The tank has a big cannon and some kind of shotgun on the front side. On the sides and backside you will find 6 more machine guns for your passengers. Next to the overkill of weapons on this vehicle, you can also create a smoke curtain and you can leave mines for your enemy. The tanks maybe a little bit slower and less advanced like we are used to in the modern warfare games, but as you can see, you will have plenty of firepower to annihilate the enemy in front of you.

Light tanks


The light Tank, officially The French Renault FT, is designed for only 1 person who has control over all it’s features. The tank is fairly fast and has a canon that can destroy a Landship in only 4 shots. You can even change the munition of your canon which will change your canon in some sort of shotgun. You will also have the possibility to drop nerve-gas and the possibility to help teammates by dropping off health-crates.

Everything you need to now about all the tanks in the game, is explained in the video from LevelCapGaming which you can see in the video below:




For the players that love to fly with a nice breeze of killing intent, can use the bomber biplanes that are to their disposal. Your main goals are dropping bombs on ground vehicles and taking out enemy biplanes. Next to the bomber biplane we also have the scout biplanes. These are mainly designed for air-to-air dogfights. So you will have the upper hand controlling the sky with this plane and taking out enemy aircraft’s.

Below you will see how whiteboy7thst gives you an unique sneak preview of the gameplay in one of the Battlefield 1 biplanes:





There is not to much exciting stuff to say about the trucks. It is better than riding a horse or walking though.




Horse can be ridden as the cavalry class, but riding a horse is definitely more difficult than riding a truck. You might need some practice using your horse to ride into battle. Small tip: don’t go charging a machine gun nest head on. More information about the cavalry class and the horses that you ride you can find here: Cavalry class

Driftor shows us a little bit more about the gameplay of the Battlefield 1 horses in the video below:




EA fortunately did not forget about the massive battleships that are a must for this game. You can enter a World War 1 era dreadnought and aim your fire upon the coastline, turning the tide of the battle with your fingertips.




The zeppelin is summoned half through the game. The zeppelin will be added to the losing team in order to give them a chance of winning. When both teams are well matched towards one another, the Zeppelin will not be summoned. Starsnipe shows you more of the gameplay in the video below:


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