We all know that Good Guy Greg, running around the battlefield healing teammates, fixing tanks and other vehicles. Those are the kind of people who choose the Medic class. You know, the kind of person who has your back in a fight. The Medic class is not solely about healing teammates and fixing vehicles, they can also hold their own in a mid-range fight with multiple semi-automatic rifles to their disposal.


Battlefield 1 Medic class weapons

M1907 SL Automatic
M1907 SL Factory
Selbstlader M1916 Sharpshooter
Selbstlader M1916 Artillery
Cei-Rigotti Factory
Cei-Rigotti Artillery
Mondragon Artillery
Mondragon Marksman

Medical Crate
Bandage Pouch
Medical Syringe
Rifle Grenade HE
Rifle Grenade Smoke
Rifle Grenade Fragmentation