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Battlefield 1 glitches are not always a nice thing for the player and the overall gameplay. In theory, every video game should be playable until the end. If players have the sheer thumb-power to make their way through an epic journey and defeat a final boss, they should be handsomely rewarded. Even if it’s only with a splash screen. Unfortunately, many video games ship with glitches that make them either impassable or just outright ridiculous.

We wanted to dedicate a page to all the Battlefield 1 glitches which will give you an advantage over your fellow players in the game. So here you will find all the Battlefield 1 glitches with information on how to use them or how you can fix them. We will also inform you here whether the glitch has been solved or not.


Unlock all weapons – Battlefield 1 Glitches

Currently there is a glitch in Battlefield 1 Beta which will give you the power to use every weapon in the game. Even if you are still level 0. Go Gaming made a video about this glitch which you can view here below:


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