If you thought that life is fair and soldiers are equal towards one another, then I hate to disappoint you, they are not. Battlefield 1, in all unfairness, introduced the elite class. Stronger and better equipped with weapons than you, they will annihilate almost everything in their paths if you are not careful enough.

Flame Trooper – With flameproof gear and a strong flamethrower, he will set everything on fire in his path. But be aware to choose this class because it does has a weakness. You will be in the constant need of a gas mask, giving you a bad eye sight and making you slow. Obviously you will have to watch out for enemies using the scout class, they can easily take you out from a distance.

Sentry – This class might be a little bit harder to kill from a distance. The Sentry is covered in thick armor plates and is considered to be a walking tank. He walks around with a water cooled machine gun. This is a class which can create a lot of damage and can take a lot of damage at the same time. You might want to consider wearing your brown pants when being faced against the Sentry class. There is one downside of the Sentry class though, unlike the Flame trooper, the Sentry class does not have the capability to wear a gas mask. So there are certainly several ways to take this guy down.

Tank Hunter – While everyone is busy slaughtering each other in an epic battle field, the Tank Hunter is probably lying down somewhere on a safe distance. Looking through the scope of his precious 1918 Tankgewehr, an enormous weapon capable of taking out enemy vehicles. When lying down, this gun can take out caterpillar tracks, machine guns and canons on armored vehicles.