Battlefield 1 ASSAULT CLASS

Battlefield 1 Assault class information


If you love blowing up vehicles and engaging in close combat, then the Assault class is definitely your favorite class to play with. When you hear or see a tank coming at you, you will have 2 options: run, or turn around and fight. If you love playing the Assault class, then you probable prefer the second option. In order to actually be able to win a fight with a tank or any other moving object in Battlefield 1, the Assault class has some fun explosive gadgets to his disposal. It is not surprising to say that this the primary anti-vehicle class. Besides al the explosives, the Assault class can use SMG’s and automatic rifles for other close combat fights.


Battlefield 1 Assault class weapons

MP 18 Trench
Model 10-A Heavy
MP 18 Experimental
Model 10-A Factory
Automatico M1918 Factory
Automatico M1918 Trench
Automatico M1918 Light Infantry


AT Mine
AT Rocket Gun
Anti-Tank Grenade